This seminar addresses advanced technologies and techniques for developing interactive multimedia. The course addresses client and server side scripting languages for creating dynamic web pages and database driven content. Students will learn and become proficient with web development tools, interactive program methodologies, user interface design, and critical problem solving.

Course instruction is comprised of instructor-lead demonstrations followed by student practice and discussion. Student learning and achievement is evaluated on the basis of two web projects. The projects require students to apply one or more web development tools for the production of interactive programs, which are created in conjunction with a client or content provider. Completed projects will be uploaded to the student web server and will be presented to the class during scheduled critique sessions.

This advanced course in interactive multimedia and web development presupposes the following computer skills: basic understanding of the Windows and UNIX/LINUX operating systems; experience writing web pages in HTML (versions 4 and 5) and CSS; practical knowledge of application software like PhotoShop, GIMP, and PowerPoint; and facility with the Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer web clients. For this reason, the course has the prerequisite of COMS 359 or instructor's permission.

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