Students will learn and become proficient with the following interactive media production skills:
  • Web Programming - Students will learn and demonstrate facility with JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL for controlling content presentation, defining effective user interfaces, and creating dynamic web pages.

  • Interactive Media Design - Students will learn and demonstrate proficiency with different forms of page layout, methods for developing data architecture and dynamic user interfaces, options for navigation control and interactivity, and designs that communicate content effectively.

  • Project Management & Collaboration - Students will learn practical skills for working with and translating the ideas of content providers. Students will work with content experts to produce original interactive media programs to meet specific objectives.

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving - In the development of projects, students will cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills. Each project will require students to devise a specific approach to the presentation of content. This approach will require careful analysis of the problem, articulation of project objectives, and the creation of a product that responds to and fulfills the requirements dictated by the content to be communicated.

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