We are interested in publishing academic manuscripts that critical engage issues related to digital gaming. The series will focus on single and dual authored manuscripts, although edited anthologies will also be considered. We are also interested in manuscripts from new and emerging scholars. The series editors are available to answer any questions regarding the Digital Game Studies series. All submission, however, should be sent to the sponsoring editor at Indiana University Press:
Raina Polivka
Music, Film, and Humanities Editor
Indiana University Press
Office of Scholarly Publishing
Herman B Wells Library - 350
1320 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812) 855-5261

Submission Guidelines

Please send a book prospectus rather than a full-length manuscript. This will allow us to quickly assess our interest in your work. If we decide to pursue consideration of your project, we will either send the prospectus out for external review or request the full manuscript. To prevent delays in the evaluation of your project, we ask that your prospectus include the following:
  • a three- to six-page description of the project, including its purpose, potential audience, scope, contribution to scholarship, and relations to existing literature
  • a table of contents that provides paragraph-length descriptions of each chapter
  • one or two sample chapters, preferably including an introductory chapter that describes the work as a whole
  • the estimated length and date of completion, number and type of illustrations, if any, as well as any special requirements called for in the preparation and production of your book
  • author's curriculum vitae or resume
  • suggestions for appropriate reviewers
When considering full-length manuscripts, we typically request exclusive consideration given the time and resources required to provide a comprehensive review. Please let us know if your manuscript is being considered simultaneously by another press. We also ask you to enclose a cover letter with your manuscript that includes the basic information requested above for a prospectus. Finally, please indicate plans you may have for revising the manuscript; this is especially true for dissertations, which are rarely publishable without substantial revisions.

The Review Process

If a sponsoring editor decides that your project holds promise for our list, he or she will seek, at a minimum, two outside reviews for scholarly projects and one for trade books. To allow for careful consideration of a project, we give our readers six to eight weeks, on average, to complete their evaluation. The review process typically takes three to four months, depending on, among other things, the nature of the project and the availability of reviewers.

When reviews are received, the sponsoring editor may ask for the author's response. If the editor determines that the project is a strong candidate for publication by Indiana University Press, he or she will prepare a contract proposal for review and approval by the Press's Editorial Committee. The Editorial Committee meets twice each month. You will be notified shortly after the meeting regarding the committee's decision. We make every effort to ensure that editorial decisions are made in a timely manner.


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