As a high school student, I had the opportunity to get my hands on an Apple II. The first program I wrote was the standard “Hello World” application. It was just a few lines of code, but it changed everything. Typically, individuals with an interest in computers are funneled into engineering and computer science, but I soon discovered my fascination was not with the computer strictly speaking. I was more interested in the nature of this technology and its broader social consequences, or what is called the philosophy of technology.

As a researcher and scholar, I bring a unique perspective and skill-set to the pursuit of this subject, combining academic training in philosophy with over two decades of experience developing award-winning applications for the Internet. Because of this synthesis of theoretical knowledge and practical skill, my work has achieved an international reputation in a relatively short period of time. I have published seven influential and award-winning books, and the impact of my research can be characterized in terms of these literary milestones.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
DePaul University, Chicago - 1996
Subject: Philosophy
Dissertation: The Face of Janus: Encyclopedia and the Ends of Philosophy
Dissertation Director: Dr. David Farrell Krell

Master of Arts (MA)
Loyola University, Chicago - 1989
Subject: Philosophy
MA Advisor: Dr. John Sallis

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
University of Wisconsin, Madison - 1985
Subjects/Majors: Communication Arts & Philosophy


Northern Illinois University
Location: DeKalb, Illinois (USA)
Rank: Professor (Tenured)
Dates: 1996 - Present
Department: Communication Studies

Carthage College
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin (USA)
Rank: Assistant Professor
Dates: 1994 - 1996
Department: Communication Studies

DePaul University
Location: Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Rank: Lecturer
Dates: 1991 - 1992
Department: Communication Studies

Sargent & Lundy Engineers
Location: Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Position: Media Communications Director
Dates: 1986 - 1994
Department: Human Resources