I have written seven monographs on the philosophy of technology, Internet studies, and digital media and technology. I have also edited two collections of essays. These nine books have been published by leading academic publishers, like the MIT Press, Rowman & Littlefield, Continuum, Westview, and Polity, and have won numerous awards.


I have written and published over seventy articles, book reviews, and book chapters in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and anthologies. These texts address a diverse and wide range of subjects in the philosophy of technology and have appeared in venues like Ethics and Information Technology, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and New Media and Society.


I have lectured on the philosophical aspects of the Internet, computer technology, digital media, and artificial intelligence/robotics at universities and to professional organization in the United States, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Poland. I have participated in panels and delivered award-winning scholarly papers at numerous conventions, conferences, and workshops.