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24 August
Overview & Orientation
31 August
Historical Context
History of Computing
Brief History of the Internet
Lecture Slides

Computer-Mediated Communication

7 September
CMC & Internet Studies
Computer as Communication Device
Critical Debates in Internet Studies
Current Trends in CMC
Social Networking 2.0 - HIS (384-403)
Lecture Slides
14 September
Self-disclosure, Privacy and the Internet
Is Facebook Changing our Identity?
Queering Internet Studies - HIS (270-300)
The Real Problem
Review Slides
21 September
Algocracy Workshop Galway, Ireland
No Class Meeting
Work on Project Proposal
28 September
A Cultural Approach to Communication
A Rape in Cyberspace
Connected But Alone
Community and the Internet - HIS (309-325)
Review Slides
Presentation 1
Presentation 2

Digital Media & Intellectual Property

5 October
Recording & Plagiarism
Everything is a Remix
Remix Theory
Of Remixology - Intro & Premix
Review Slides
Project Proposal
Sample Proposals
12 October
Remix & Mashup
Rip: A Remix Manifesto
Remix - Part I
Of Remixology - Remix
Review Slides
19 October
Robophilosophy 2.0 Aarhus, Denmark
No Class Meeting
Work on Research Project
26 October
Rethinking Remix
Good Copy, Bad Copy
Remix - Part III
Of Remixology - Postmix
Review Slides

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

2 November
AI & Communication
Computing Machinery & Intelligence
RadioLab-Talking to Machines
Communication and Artificial Intelligence
Review Slides
9 November
AI, Robots & Ethics
How Algorithms Shape our World
Ethics of Self-Driving Cars
The Machine Question - ch. 1
Review Slides
16 November
AI, Robots & Ethics
When Will We Worry About Robots?
Extending Legal Protection to Social Robots
The Machine Question - ch. 2 & 3
Review Slides
23 November
Thanksgiving Holiday
No Class Meeting

Conclusions & Projections

30 November
Course Conclusions
Student Research Projects
Course Evaluation
Final Exam Preparation
Study Guide
7 December
Final Examination
DU 218; 6:00-7:50pm